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Vidmate App and APK

We are familiar with many applications that convert many YouTube videos and songs into MP3s. But somewhere, a few features are still absent in those applications that are needed by our youngsters to create new content. At the current time, we all want to try new and advanced features that can help us to convert videos and also provide us with the best source of entertainment.

If you are asking for such an astonishing application that helps you convert your YouTube and Instagram videos into MP3 and also provides you the opportunity to watch TV as well, then your destination ends here. In this article, we are going to discuss the wonderful and magical application that possesses the above-mentioned opportunities. Stay connected with this article and explore more about the “Vidmate APK.”

Vidmate APK & APP


This application, “Vidmate,” is not only the source of video conversion, but it also provides the option to watch HD movies, many videos, TV serials, and many more things. This application does not demand a penny from its consumers; you can watch movies online and offline anywhere you want.

This is the only application that supports multiple sites, and work as including YouTube Video downloader, Instagram Video downloader, Facebook video downloader, TikTok video downloader online, Twitter video downloader, Vimeo video downloader, Vine video downloader, SnackVideo video downloader, Dailymotion video downloader, etc.

Download Vidmate APK

Features of Vidmate APK

The attributes of any application play a vital role in its popularity. Because due to the features of the app a large number of communities are attracted towards it and want to try it. Similarly, the Vidmate APK is the best application having numerous features that are eager to please the needs of our youngsters. The features are very cool, vibrant, and outstanding which will put Magic in your Creativity.

Features of Vidmate APK

Saving pictures

This application is associated with many Media Resources like YouTube, Instagram, etc. You can watch the videos Online and Offline as well. Offline in such a way that after downloading the Video. You are capable of downloading and saving pictures from different Social Media Platforms to your Gallery. Also, this application is fully of zero cost, it does not charge any single rupee from you for utilizing the app.

Saving pictures

Multiple Resources of Media

This application supports various Social Media Platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, WhatsApp, etc. You can download any video from these Platforms in Vidmate without any restriction.

Multiple Resources of Media

Create your own Song

A magical feature of Vidmate APK Download is to create your own Song bundle. This will be helpful for you in making videos that compensate for your voice. In some videos, we want to add our voice in a different tone. Enabling this feature will be helpful in doing this task. You can create a list of your own creativity by singing or speaking.

Create your own Song

Conversion of Video Songs into Audio

As we know this application is about the conversion of Videos and Audio. Similarly, this app possesses a wonderful feature of the conversion of Video Songs into Audio. We sometimes don’t want to listen to music on video, but with this feature, we can convert it into Audio for our entertainment. This is a new and advanced application feature that amuses its users every time.
The format in which your Video Songs can be converted is MP3. You can create a long list of songs by converting them. This feature is very magical and allures the larger numbers of users.

Conversion of Video Songs into Audio

Provide High Resolution

Low-quality images and videos leave a very bad impact on anyone. When we want to watch something for entertainment, and then low-resolution videos come into our sight we get disappointed and our moods go down. This app brings a wonderful feature that provides you with the high resolution of Images and Videos. You can adjust the resolution according to your choice before and after downloading the video.

Vidmate APK Download Latest Version is the only application among all the apps that provides this opportunity to its users to download Photos and Videos with high resolution. This is the popular and advanced trait of this app, which makes the app more approved among the community.

Provide High Resolution videos

Super Fast Downloading

  • Vidmate provides the fastest downloading of the videos in a few steps.
  • You don’t need to put in more effort to convert the videos, just pursue these steps and your video will be downloaded within a few seconds.
  • Copy the link to the Video
  • Paste the copied link on the Search Ribbon
  • Permits to browse
  • Click on Download Button to download the video.
  • These downloaded videos can be the best source of entertainment and amusement for users in Offline Mode.
  • You can enjoy the Videos and Songs Offline after download. Other MP3 Video and Music Downloader apps have a slow speed for exporting the files in your Gallery, but Vidmate grants the fastest exporting of Videos and Audio Files in your Gallery.
Super Fast Downloading

Browse Video Sites

The Vidmate application is the only one that supports a large number of sites. Users of this application can easily access any site with the help of the Search Option. Just browse the desired Site and you will reach the exact site which you want.

Browse Video Sites (1)

Changing of Background

The Vidmate application allows its users to run multiple apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, at a time. Let me explain how. When you click the download button in Vidmate to download any video the Downloading gets started, and now you can conveniently use other apps like WhatsApp and Instagram at the time. This type of feature is usually absent in other Video Downloader Apps. In other apps, you can’t use two apps at the same time. But Vidmate provides this option to use other apps as well at the time.

Changing of Background

Resume Downloading

Dear Buddies, you have the option to resume the video at any point. Also when you notice there will be an Internet issue, resume the video, resolve the issue,, and then start again from where you left off. This attribute is very out of class because sometimes, we lose the half-downloaded video due to network error.

Resume Downloading

Stop Downloading

As with resuming, there is also an option to Stop the Video at any point. A stop option will be there that helps you to stop your video anywhere you want.

Stop Downloading

Watch Serials

Dear Buddies, it’s a great application for you to Watch TV Serials without advertisements. On YouTube, when we watch any serial, many ads will come after every 5 minutes. The Vidmate allows the users to watch their favorite TV Serials without any hurdle.

Watch Serials

Watch International Serials and Shows

As we know all the applications do not allow their consumers to Watch International Shows and Serials, but Vidmate APK Download consummates this feature and allows their enjoyers to watch International Talk Shows and TV Serials as well. This feature enhances the quality of this application and a group of individuals are attracted to it due to this feature. Because we all want to Watch the National and International TV shows as well.

Watch International Serials and Shows

Ad-Free App

Vidmate is purely free from advertisements. There is no need for any premium package to remove the ads because this app is ads-free. This thing intensifies the Glory of the app and makes it the top favorite amongst all the other Video Downloader Apps.

Ads-Free App

Safe and Secure

The app has a strong security setup, and all of your information and data are in safe hands. Users can easily use the application without the fear of losing their personal Data and other necessary information.

Safe and Secure

Easy to Opt for

The Main Page of this application is easy and user-friendly. You can understand every feature or tool of this app without any Knowledge or Information. Even a person who can not run these types of apps can easily operate them.

Easy to Opt for

Upgraded Application

All the apps mostly lack the feature of Updates. But, Vidmate is the application that gives updates about the app and users can easily access any of its latest versions through the update notification. This quality is very beneficial for the users who are used to this app and use the app for several purposes. With every updated version many more features have been added to the app to make it more famous in the market.

Upgraded Application

Save WhatsApp Status

Vidmate application also acts as a Status Saver. You can download any status from your WhatsApp in a single click.
When you open the app, there will be a large number of HD Images that can be downloaded easily to your mobile phone, which can be set as a Wallpaper and WhatsApp DP as well.

Save WhatsApp Status on vidmate

Download YouTube Videos

Another cool and class feature of this app is that users can download their favorite videos from YouTube here. This process is simple, just copy the link of the desired video and then paste it on the search bar and give access to it to browse. The video will be on your screen within nanoseconds.

Download YouTube Videos

Provide Live Coverage

Vidmate Application provides Live Coverage of many TV channels. Users who are in Offices, Colleges, Universities, and far away from homes to watch TV can easily watch Live News of the current situation in the city through this app. More than 200 channels are present in this application including Pakistani and Indian Channels. The coverages are fully upgraded and working smoothly without any network errors. Also, the quality of the coverage is very excellent. This attribute of Vidmate is very impressive because you have the Live Coverages on your cell phones.

Provide Live Coverage

Multiple Languages

This application provides many languages to its users, that are more than 18 in number. The languages that are provided by this application include Japanese, Hindi, Tamil, English, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, and many more. This feature increases the demand for this application because people from all over the world are using it, and they also want to make videos in their Local Languages.

Multiple Languages

Vidmate APK INFO

Vidmate APP Description
Vidmate APK INFO

Download process

The time has arrived when you now move forward to discuss the Download Process of this amazing and super duper application. But, firstly there are some requirements that are needed by your Android device. After fulfilling all the essentials of Android you are fully prepared to enjoy the application.

Download process of vidmate

Android’s essentials

The essentials for Android to download Vidmate are given below:
Make sure your Android is of any Upgraded Version, like version 4.4 or more than this.
There must be an unfilled capacity of more than 15 MB to run the application more smoothly.
After attaining these limitations go ahead to download the app.

vidmate android essential

Download Route

  • After consummating the essentials of Android, now it’s time to make this app part of your mobile.
  • Follow these steps to bring the app to your Desktop Screen.
  • Copy the Link to the Vidmate APK from this article.
  • Allow all the expenditures to download the Vidmate APK.
  • After this, download the app.
  • Move towards the File Manager, and open the Download Files.
  • Open the Vidmate App.
  • Click on the Install Button, and within a short span of time, this app will be part of your Android.
  • Yahoo!!! Open the Vidmate and create new videos and audio according to your will.
  • Also, this application is the best source of entertainment in your Leisure time, you can watch Movies, and TV Serials Online and Offline as well, and you have access to Live Coverage of more than 200 channels. Let’s enjoy the app and make your bored time full of entertainment.
Download Route

Download Process for PC

  • Dear Consumers, you can also avail the taste of this application on your PC. But to run any third-party application on a PC needs an emulator. For this purpose, the Bluestacks Emulator is preferred. For the downloading process follow the given below steps.
  • Open the Bluestacks Emulator of your PC.
  • Paste the xeroxed link of Vidmate in the browse tab.
  • Give access to browse the application.
  • Pick up the desired one and tap the Install Button.
  • Hurrah!!! This superb application is now part of your PC. Enjoy the app and utilize its magical and astonishing features in your Creativity.
Download Process for PC

Advantages of Vidmate APK

  • This application provides limited and excellent advantages to its users that are really helpful. Some of these pros are now going to be discussed in the following phrases.
  • Users of this application have access to the Live coverage of many TV channels
  • The application has a very cool and stunning interface that anyone can understand.
  • High Resolution ranging from 144p to 4K.
  • This extension provides videos and pictures with high resolution.
  • Users of the Vidmate app can easily convert video songs into Audio, and this is a very beneficial and interesting feature of this app.
  • Fully safe to use.
  • Support more than 18 languages.
  • Users can save pictures from Media without any hurdle.
  • Super Fast Downloading process.
  • Users can convert videos into MP4, MP3, MAV, MOV, AVI, M4V, M4A, etc.
  • Disadvantages of Vidmate APK
  • This application is so superb that we can’t even find a single disadvantage. This application is a magic box that has a lot of options to opt for.
Advantages of Vidmate APK

How to run Vidmate APK?

This main query about any application is its use. Vidmate is not so tricky application, it has a unique and simple interface that can easily be understood by anyone. There is no need for any extra high-fidelity knowledge to use the application.

Just open the app, and browse any desired TV Serial, Movie, or Song by typing on the search bar. There are also many Shows that scream LIVE 24/7.
For the downloading process, just copy the link of any of your favorite videos from different sites like YouTube and Instagram, etc. then paste the copied link into the search bar and click on the Download Button below which will be the Red color. Within a few your video will be downloaded and part of your Gallery. You can easily watch any downloaded Movies or videos offline as well.

Final Verdict

In the end, we conclude that Vidmate is the best-ever application for downloading videos and audio into MP3, this application also acts as a TV to provide Live Coverage of more than 200 channels including News Channels, Sports Channel, Talk Show Channels, Cartoon Channels, and many more. The resolution power for adjusting videos and images in this app ranges from 144p to 4K.

If anyone wants to create Magical and Vibrant content this app is the best option to opt for. You can easily make any video, you can create your own songs here. Users are capable of converting the videos of YouTube into MP3 format here. This application is a small box having a large number of qualities in it. I think we all should give this application for once. I hope that after exploring the frequent information in this article you all will try this application. I am fully sure this will definitely amaze and entertain you.


The queries about the Vidmate from our youth are as follows:

Why can’t users download Vidmate directly from the Google Play Store?

The Vidmate application is developed by a third-party website; that’s why we are not capable of downloading the app directly from the Google Play Store.

Is there any need to pay a fee to use Vidmate?

No, the Vidmate application is free of charge. You can utilize all the features of this application without investing any money.

Is this application verified by McAfee and CM Security?

Yes, this application is purely verified by both of these. You can use the app without any hesitation or fear of losing data. Your data is fully safe and secure in Vidmate.

Can users enjoy the application on a PC?

Yes, the Vidmate application can be operated conveniently and smoothly with the help of the Blue-Stacks Emulator on PC.

Can this application compensate for iOS devices?

No, this application can’t run on iOS devices. You can enjoy this app only on Android and PC.

How many apps are supported by Vidmate?

Vidmate supports applications like WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. You can download the videos from these apps in Vidmate.

Can HD-quality videos be downloaded in Vidmate?

Yes, you can download HD-quality videos in this app as well. This app allows you to set the resolution to 720p, 1080p, 2K HD, and 4K HD.

How many can be downloaded at a time with Vidmate?

More than 10 videos or songs can be downloaded at a time in Vidmate.

Is it possible to set the resolution in the middle of downloading the videos?

Yes, it is possible. You can also set the resolution after and before the video downloading as well.

How many TV Channels are screaming LIVE in Vidmate?

More than 200 channels are screaming LIVE. These include sports, News, Entertainment, Serials, Cartoons, and many more.

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